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Scarlett, Beckham And Schwarzenegger – Super Bowl 2014 Ads With Celebrity Presence

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The benefits of being a celebrity and popular personality truly become visible when one gets paid big bucks to endorse brands that are extremely likable in the first place. This is even more true when your television commercial is airing during the Super Bowl. This feature takes a look at the best Super Bowl 2014 Ads which had a big shot celebrity presence.

Celebrity ads and brand endorsements by popular personalities has been explored extensively on this site. Below are some other related features:

The annual championship game of the National Football League is popularly known around the world as the Super Bowl. Played every year on the first Sunday of February, this sporting event is the most watched American television broadcast of the year. Its a record that has never been broken. In fact the four most-watched broadcasts in U.S. television history are Super Bowls. On average, 80 to 90 million people from the United States are tuned into the Super Bowl at any given moment. It is for this reason that almost every major brand that wants to reach out to consumers in the United States chooses to showcase their latest advertisements during the Super Bowl.

Apple Computers launched their iconic Macintosh after advertising the same during the 1984 Super Bowl. The ability to imprint your brand on the minds of one-third of the American population in less than a minute is an incredibly difficult task but one that no major brand desires to miss. Even so, every year some advertisements come out on top and win the battle of brand recall. The Super Bowl 2014 ads that won this title belonged to Budweiser with its “Puppy Love” and “A Hero’s Welcome” commercials that won people’s hearts because of their high emotional quotient. Of the remaining ads that did well a large number had a celebrity presence associated with it. Lets have a look at some of these celebrity Super Bowl 2014 Ads:

Scarlett Johansson For Sodastream

Sodastream is an Israel based home carbonation product which allows its owners to make soft drinks at home. In 2013 they decided to use their limited marketing budget to make a big splash on the Super Bowl (see here). This was however not the original ad which they submitted for airing. The original ad spot, banned by the TV network encouraged people to ditch Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Their main selling point against Coca-Cola and Pepsi is that using its product doesn’t lead to the collection of thousands of tonnes of metallic cans and plastic bottles which makes Sodastream more environment friendly. Sodastream was able to release the original ad on YouTube, making it a viral hit by claiming that the original ad was banned.

In 2014, the company decided to take things further by signing up the sexy and gorgeous Scarlett Johansson as their brand ambassador. They followed the same strategy as 2013 by mentioning Coca-Cola and Pepsi in their ad which again led it to be banned and made it a viral hit on YouTube. This time though the ad created a lot more controversy. Ms. Johansson had to resign from her position as brand ambassador for the charity Oxfam as people questioned Sodastream’s ethics. The company has a factory in an illegal settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and having an American brand ambassador for an Israeli company was seen as an endorsement of Israel’s view on West Bank.

All in all, this commercial brought a lot of attention to Sodastream and their seductive brand ambassador although not all of it was positive.

Arnold Schwarzenegger For Budlight

Actually speaking, Bud Light super hit Super Bowl 2014 ad featured a host of stars such as Don Cheadle (seen in Iron Man 2 and 3), Minka Kelly and boy-band One Republic in addition to the Terminator. Called “Ian Up For Whatever,” the hidden camera-style commercial sends an average guy (Ian Rapaport) on a series of hilarious celebrity-studded encounters on what could only be the best night of his life.

The three minute forty four second ad was edited and shown in 90 second spots during SuperBowl 2014. Its tag line is rather long but one that would make you wish that you too would get to experience a day similar to that of Ian Rapaport.

Bud Light. The perfect beer for when you somehow find yourself in a limo with Reggie Watts and some bachelorettes, then get styled by Minka Kelly, before Don Cheadle, a llama named Lilly and the identical twin of the girl you just met take you to a party, where you defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a sudden-death ping pong match, that puts you onstage with One Republic.

David Beckham For H&M

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. David Beckham has been a brand ambassador for the clothing brand for many years and is the chosen face to appear for the company’s expensive Super Bowl commercials. In 2013, he acted in a commercial produced by Guy Ritchie to promote the “David Beckham” line of Bodywear.

The Super Bowl 2014 Ad for H&M continued the same concept showing the athletic and attractive Beckham strip down to almost nothing. The spot was a huge hit with the female audience who are seen to have an equal hand in purchasing undergarments for men.

Ben Kingsely, Tom Hiddleston, And Mark Strong For Jaguar

Finally, the car manufacturer Jaguar’s Super Bowl 2014 spot brought together a number of British actors as they tried to answer the question as to “Why many of the villains in Hollywood movies are British?

Ben Kingsely (Iron Man 3, Sexy Beast), Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor, Avengers) and Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes) are the three main actors trying to answer the key question which ends with the expected response.

The above were among the most talked about Super Bowl 2014 ads which had a strong celebrity presence. There were also other commercials which featured famous American television personalities and characters from well-known movie franchises. These included John Stamos, Bob Saget and David Coulier for Danone Oikos. Laurence Fishburne a.k.a Morpheus from the Matrix Franchise for KIA Motors and Ellen DeGeneres for Beats Music.