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Salman Khan Angry On Bigg Boss – 3 Instances When The Dabangg Khan Spoke His Mind

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Salman Khan, the much loved, down to earth superstar from Bollywood who wears his heart on his sleeve has over the past few years gone through a massive transformation in his personality. As he recently disclosed in an interview to Karan Johar on Koffee With Karan; he is a virgin who sleeps alone; has never had many girlfriends and almost got married to Sangeeta Bijlani earlier on during his career. How much of his statements can one believe is open to debate but one thing is for certain that Salman Khan surely knows how to enchant audiences with his charm and demeanor.

This was not always the case as the superstar went through a phase in his life where he was known for his mis-behavior with women, drunkenness, recklessness and disregard for other people. During this period between 2000 – 2010, Salman Khan angry was not uncommon to find. The change in his outlook came post 2010 when he delivered a mega-hit in Dabangg which brought back the age of the action hero in Hindi cinema. Post Dabangg the actor with his new perspective to life has delivered a string of hits including the third most successful Bollywood film of all time, Ek Tha Tiger.

It was around this period again, that Salman Khan took on the mantle to host the much popular Indian version of the global television phenomenon Big Brother. Titled ‘Bigg Boss‘, the show was struggling to find a good host for the first three years that it ran. One of the oldest and most popular actors in Bollywood, Salman Khan had previously been moderately successful on television when he hosted a game-show titled ‘10 Ka Dum‘. That show brought out a previously unseen side of the actor making him the popular choice to anchor Bigg Boss which needed someone who could connect with common Indian audiences in a very natural way.

As of 2013, the show is in its seventh season and is one of the most popular programs on Indian television. Salman Khan has been the host since 2010 and needless to say that he does a splendid job. Not many people have the ability to display their wrath in public and admonish other media personalities when they display poor behavior and set bad examples for others. Salman Khan however doesn’t hesitate to call a spade a spade, even if it means that he needs to lose his cool at times. Since Season 5 of the show their have always been occasions when the megastar got into an argument with the contestants of the house, shattered their uncalled for ego and imparted them with some valuable advice. Lets have a look at these instances when one saw Salman Khan Angry on Bigg Boss;

Season 5 – Warning Siddharth For His Behavior

The first time viewers of Bigg Boss got see Salman Khan angry was during week 7 of Season 5. Salman along with his co-host and good friend Sanjay Dutt reprimanded and scolded model and actor Siddharth Bharadwaj for his behavior towards housemates Mahek Chahal and Pooja Misrra. The hosts severely criticized Siddharth’s foul language, character assassination and cheap actions behind Mahek and Pooja M. bringing him to tears.

Salman’s handling of this situation came in for a lot of debate and criticism as no other version of Big Brother anywhere in the world allows the host to intimidate its contestants. However, one must remember that no other country in the world which runs Big Brother is as large and diverse as India and no other host is as magnanimous as Salman Khan.

Season 6 – Bringing Imam To His Senses

Ever since Salman Khan started hosting Bigg Boss in 2010 there have always been a few contestants who create a ruckus with their shouting, abusive language and almost violent behavior. In Bigg Boss 4 it was actress Dolly Bindra. Next year it was Pooja Misrra and Akashdeep Saigal. Season 6 tried to tone things down a little when it first opened but when the ratings began to drop the makers of the show were forced to introduce another psychotic character to stir things up a little. Imam Siddique, a little known television personality and fashion stylist known for his ‘eccentric temperament‘ did just that taking the TRPs to an all-time high. By the end of the show he had also managed to finish as the runner-up and in the process he also made Salman Khan angry.

Two weeks before the finale, Imam, now aware of his popularity pissed off his host by asking him to ‘timeout‘. He also made a ludicrous statement that he had a role to play in the success of Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta. What followed a reaction that no one has ever seen Salman give. He brought Imam to his senses and made him realize the folly of what he had just said.

Season 7 – Admonishing Kushal For His Disrepectful Behavior And Aggression

The latest season of the show in 2013 has also been extremely controversial. This has largely been due to the hotheadedness of Kushal Tandon, his love affair with Gauhar Khan and the screaming fury of Armaan Kohli. During the October 26 telecast of the show, Salman Khan was truly furious at Kushal in a manner similar to that of Siddharth in Season 5.

Kushal had treated well-known actress Tanisha Mukherjee, sister of Kajol very badly while also saying disgusting things about her. Salman who often does not tolerate the insult of women lambasted Kushal for his behavior and also directed his anger towards Gauhar who defended him for his shameful act.

As of season 7, Salman Khan made it clear that hosting Bigg Boss was becoming quite a taxing job for him given the fights and negative atmosphere in the house. There is a possibility that he may not return as the host of the next season. A decision that is bound to make the producers of the show very worried as there aren’t many people in India who can do as good a job at hosting the show as the Dabangg Khan.

What do you think about Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss? Do you think he’s doing a great job and that he should get angry and scold the contestants when they make mistakes? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.