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Dhoom 3 Review – Aamir To The Power of Two In An Action Packed Entertainer

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When was the last time you saw a movie review which had a special rating for the performance of its lead actor? Can you recount an occasion when Aamir Khan appeared in a double role? Chances are that you have never come across any of the above. This Dhoom 3 review then is a first of its kind since it explicitly gives its lead star a separate rating for his performance in the film and also spills the beans on the biggest twist in the movie.

2013 was characterized by a never ending sequence of film promotions for horrible movies such as R.Rajkumar, Boss, Bullett Raja etc. It ended with a feature that chose to stay away from the excessive film marketing mania, not giving away its plot till the very last day. A period of 12 months where badly thought out films with poor scripts like Chennai Express, Grand Masti and Krrish 3 were cited as the most successful movies of the year made for a sad reading regarding the state of Bollywood. But then when actors like Farhan Akhtar and Aamir Khan are around there is always a ray of hope that they will chose sense over mindlessness.

Moving over to Dhoom 3, lets get some facts straight first. Aamir Khan, very much the Tom Cruise of Bollywood known for his perfectionism, method acting and policy of doing only one film a year was not an easy catch for a brand like Dhoom. Yashraj film’s Dhoom series modeled loosely on the highly successful Fast and The Furious franchise of Hollywood became a rage after its first two movies as it was the only brand of its kind in Indian cinema. Like most Bollywood movies it had a recipe for success, a stunning lead cast with sculpted bodies, peppy dance numbers, super-fast bikes and lots of action. To get an extremely intelligent actor like Aamir Khan to sign-up for the next installment of the series wouldn’t be possible with a standard script. So rest assured that Dhoom 3 had a storyline which was unique enough to get Aamir interested.

Coming to the Dhoom 3 review, the movie is basically a one-man show or should we say one-man who gets double the screen time because he essays not one but two characters. That’s right, if you can stay patient and get past the first 40 minutes of the movie you are in-store for some amazing action, twists and a never seen before song and dance sequence. The first 40 minutes test your patience since it involves a mindless Chennai Express style fight sequence starring Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra who are looking complete misfits for a movie that also stars Aamir. Infact, had the movie been 30 minutes shorter with less screen time given to the cops from Mumbai it would have been more engrossing. Nevertheless, Dhoom 3 has received a record opening, going past the 200 Crore mark in only 4 days. It is set to aim for the crown of the most successful movie in Bollywood ever.

While Aamir stands out completely in a stunning double role, Abhishek and Uday look lackluster and boring. Katrina Kaif who supposedly plays the female lead looks stunning although she gets very little screen-time. Its almost as if she has a guest appearance in the movie since the script is mostly focused on Aamir’s revenge and the method by which he robs various branches of one bank without ever getting caught.

One aspect where the movie misses out on is its soundtrack which has no hummable songs or songs that can be played at public events. The title track which stars Katrina Kaif looks visually appealing but isn’t catchy enough. The much talked about ‘Malang‘, one of the most expensive songs ever made shot at a cost of $1 million, is spell-binding. Its like watching Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas with Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif as the performers. Aamir and Katrina’s hard-work and training to look like real circus performers clearly shows in this song which forms an important part of the film’s plot. Hats off to their commitment.

Eventually, Dhoom 3 has some hits and misses. A stunning performance by Aamir Khan, excellent cinematography, Hollywood style action sequences and a captivating storyline are its biggest plus points. Canned performances by Abhishek Bachchan, time wasting sequences by Uday Chopra and a three hour duration are some its misses. Overall, this Dhoom 3 review rates it just short of four stars since one experiences a satisfactory feeling when they walk out of the hall, and that’s what really counts for any film.

Watch Dhoom 3 this Christmas and New Year’s eve if you are in the mood for some action, drama, suspense and Aamir Khan. If you have already seen it, then do share your thoughts regarding the film by leaving a comment.