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The Fast And The Luxurious – Celebrity Car Collections From Hollywood And Bollywood

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Ever wondered what kind of cars do the rich and famous drive when they move around in their hometowns. Find out as we take a look at some stunning celebrity car collections from Hollywood and Bollywood.

What happens when you are invited to attend an upscale party or an important event which is to be graced by the presence of the who’s who of society? Most often that not you will start preparing for that big day in advance, making sure that your physical appearance is all groomed up to appear the best on the day of the event. On d-day you will choose one of your best outfits, deck yourself up to the maximum extent possible and then pick out the most exclusive ride from your stable. Surely, after spending a tremendous amount of time and money on looking your best for the gathering you also want to make the best possible entry and ride in comfort.

Now imagine that you are filthy rich, popular and exclusive. If you want to showcase those attributes as a part of your public persona you will have to endorse brands that are ultra-premium and beyond the reach of most people. That’s why its common to see celebrities and the super rich wear designer clothes, sport expensive watches and most important of all ride in luxurious cars. Regardless of how that money is made, whether it be from an acting career, sporting success, or rocking a drum set, there is a love that can bring people from all different circles to one comfortable place: behind a steering wheel. Lets then take a look at some of the astonishing car collections of well known media personalities from Screenland and B-Town

Jay Leno

Celebrity car collections from Hollywood - Jay Leno comes out on top

When it comes to the love for vehicles particularly cars and motorcycles no one is as passionate for the same as Jay Leno. The American comedian, actor and television host has between 190-200 vehicles, half of which are motorcycles. He is essentially a car collector as he owns everything right from a Bugatti Veyron Supercar to a 1906 Baker electric car.

Mr. Leno is not just someone who loves to own expensive cars, he has tremendous knowledge about vehicles of all kinds and even runs a website called “Jay Leno’s Garage” which contains detailed video clips and pictures of all his prized possessions. Perhaps the most astonishing part about his super-garage is that all his vehicles are kept in a condition where they can be taken out for a spin. To keep everything in proper running order, Jay employs a crack team of mechanical wizards who are adept at fixing, restoring, and customizing just about every type of vehicle imaginable. Mr. Leno in-fact has the rare distinction of actually driving a car owned by a fictional character, the BatMobile.

Jerry Seinfeld

Celebrity car collections from Hollywood - Jerry Seinfeld is a Porsche Fanatic

From Jay Leno to Jerry Seinfeld, there’s something about stand-up comedians being car enthusiasts that’s uncanny. Unlike his counterpart who loves to collect cars of all kinds, Mr. Seinfeld is known for his collection of Porsche cars. This celebrity car collection from Hollywood is worth an estimated $115 million and is recognized as arguably the largest personal Porsche collection outside of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Jerry’s collection of Porsche variants is so large that it costs an estimated $1.4 million just to garage them!

Paris Hilton

Celebrity car collections from Hollywood - Paris Hilton owns a premium Pink Collection

Women and cars, the combination often doesn’t go along well with each other. As such there are very few female car connoisseurs in the entertainment industry globally. Paris Hilton is among the few female celebrities who owns a number of expensive cars which in addition to being ultra-exclusive are also customized to suit her tastes. Her $285,000 (Rs 1.7 crore) pink colored Bentley Continental with a diamond crusted dashboard is one of her prized possessions. Unlike Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and other male car collectors it is highly likely that Miss Hilton doesn’t know much about car mechanics, although she does probably know a fair bit about girlifying them.

Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar

Crossing over to Bollywood, our tinsel town celebs are also extremely passionate about owning dream cars. There is however a big difference between possessing a multi-million dollar car like the Lamborghini Veneno in the United States and in India. A city like Mumbai lacks the quality of roads required to truly enjoy super-cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche. It is however more suited for premium sedans like the Maybach, Bentley, Rolls Royce etc given the number of traffic jams one is bound to encounter in the city.

Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and Shahrukh Khan are among the proud owners of the hottest wheels in Bollywood. Most of them own brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari and Audi.

A rare exception to the celebrity car collections in India is Sachin Tendulkar who is not a member of the film fraternity but is intensely passionate about cars and bikes. His garage is among the largest areas of his house and holds cars like the Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder, Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG, Mercedes 600SL, BMW 7 Series and a host of other bikes and cars that he won for his performances in Cricket matches over the last two decades.

What are your thoughts on celebrity car collections? Do you know of any other famous personalities who have a fetish for four wheels? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment