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What’s Invogue This Fall? Presenting The Lakme Bollywood Fashion Trend Report

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Lets face it, most human beings are attention seekers. We feel happy when we are recognized for our efforts, praised in public and desired by others. All of us like to get noticed yet only a few are successful. Those who do become successful are normally able to determine the right recipe for getting considered. Most often than not this recipe comprises of three key ingredients namely, looks, intelligence and talent. Deficiencies in the latter two can be overcome with intense dedication and practice however to overcome the former is often much harder.

People blessed with drop dead gorgeous looks are lucky to have those genes. There is little that one can do to change their genetic makeup however if one learns certain tricks of the trade it is possible to get the attention you seek on chosen occasions. Think about it a little more, anyone you see on or off-screen who looks attractive and desirable is well-groomed. If you seek attention of other people then try your best to master the skills of good grooming. If you belong to the fairer sex, then this task can be much more arduous. It will involve taking care of all the visible elements of your external appearance in addition to staying informed about the latest clothing styles and Bollywood fashion trends.

Your ability to carry off classy Bollywood fashion trends will certainly make you more popular wherever you go since they are advertised heavily in media. Since the start of the 20th century, media has played a really important role in the rise of fashion, creating a whole new area of specialization known as fashion journalism. The cover of Vogue Magazine, founded in the USA in 1892 is known to carry images of leading female personalities every year with them dressed in designer apparel that can create style statements. If you are a trendy female in India who wants to make heads turn then subscribing to Vogue would be a good idea. You could also stay in-sync with what is showcased at Lakme India Fashion Week every year, particularly the styles flaunted by Bollywood divas. Lets have a look at a few of these Bollywood fashion statements for this fall:

Day and Night Lips – Red

Lakme India Fashion Week - Bollywood Fashion Trend of Red Lips Worn By Aditi Rao and Kalki Koechlin

Above: Aditi Rao Hydari and Kalki Koechlin showing the trend of Day Lips (Red).

Good make up artists will often tell you that an Indian woman’s eye makeup is imperative to her overall look. References to the same have also been made in Bollywood songs on several occasions. This fall is all about giving your eyes the right look at the right time. Accentuating one’s eyes at night with smoky and dark eye shadows while keeping a neutral or natural look during the day can really add to the diversity of eye makeup you choose to explore.

So what’s the link between eye make-up and lips. Similar to the trends on eyes, the lips are inversely complimenting to the eye makeup. This season the use of bright matt red lipsticks or neutral matt lipstick tones are in check. By day, give your lips a luscious red matt finish to compliment the neutral eye makeup. By night, neutralize the lips to give focus to the eyes. After all opposites attract!

Lakme India Fashion Week - Bollywood Fashion Trend of Red Lips Worn By Nargis Fakhri

Above: Nargis Fakhri looks stunning in Night Lips (Red).

Sleek Pulled Back Hair

Lakme India Fashion Week - Bollywood Fashion Trend of Sleek Pulled Back Hair Worn By Karisma Kapoor

Above: Karisma Kapoor showcases the Sleek Pulled Back Hair style.

In winter, one’s hair can get dry and extremely frizzy with the lack of natural oils to keep it nourished. This season sleek, and pulled back hairdos are in-vogue as they showcase sophistication while keeping the hair healthy at the same.

Lakme India Fashion Week - Sleek Pulled Back Hair and Night Lips worn by Priyanka Chopra

Above: Priyanka Chopra sports a combination of sleek pulled back hair and night lips (red).

Amazonian Skin Tones

Ever noticed the models at any Indian fashion show closely. Perhaps you noticed that their skin has a very earthy glow which accentuates the rich and bronze color of Indian Skin. The use of bronze and peach blushes is what makes this happen. This look is in this season as it is all about appearing natural but polished.

Lakme India Fashion Week - Bollywood Fashion Trend of Amazonian Skin Tones Worn By Mahi Gill

Above: Mahi Gill looks radiant while wearing Amazonian skin tones.

Note: Makeup tips provided by Lakme Salon and pictures courtesy Lakme India Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2013