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REVEALED: The Top 5 Hottest Celebrity Beach Bodies in Hollywood and Bollywood

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When it comes to showbiz, celebrities are always at a constant war for the most fabulous physique. Long and toned legs, 6 pack abs, curvy waist, chiseled body are always on a celebrity’s wish list. Looking good and having an excellent figure are important elements that make these celebrities who they are and enable them to stay in demand.

A recent survey by the global hotel bookings expert, Hotels.com polled more than 5000 travelers from 25 countries including India, USA, UK, China, Canada, Australia and Netherlands to understand who their users perceived as having the hottest celebrity beach bodies. The results of the survey reveal the top five celebrity beach bodies amongst international and Indian celebrities, both male and female.

The 31 year old, mother of two famous for her lead roles in Fantastic Four and the Love Guru, Jessica Alba come out on top for having the best celebrity beach body in the world, stealing 16% of the votes. Following closely behind was R&B, hip hop star Beyoncé in second place with 15% of the votes. Kate Middleton sneaked in to the top three with 5% of the votes, following the recent controversy surrounding the leaked photos of her bikini body on her honeymoon in the Seychelles. The controversial Rihanna and famous for nothing Kim Kardashian closed the top five occupying the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

Moving to the men, former England football captain and style icon David Beckham took the top spot for having the buffest celebrity beach bodies in the world with almost a quarter (23%) of votes. Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt came in second place with 13%, and Channing Tatum in third place with 11% of the votes. A common trend that was noticed among the survey results was that it was largely influenced by recent news, events and movie releases. Channing made it to the top three thanks to the recent release of his new stripper film Magic Mike where he reveals his well-honed beach body throughout the film (much to the delight of women across the world!).

The last two winners officially confirmed that it is the Hollywood actors and football stars who manage to be perceived as having the best celebrity beach bodies. Position number four and five went to Daniel Craig and Christiano Ronaldo who captured 5% and 4% of the votes respectively.

Hotels.com did a special survey of its users in India to understand whom they thought as having the best celebrity beach bodies in Bollywood and Hollywood. Anushka Sharma received the maximum votes for the best Indian female bikini body at 11% of votes. Sunny Leone and Deepika Padukone came in second at 9% votes each with Kareena Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri closing the top five. Like most people across the globe, Indians felt Jessica Alba has the best bikini body although the number two choice for Indians was Megan Fox (how could they miss her or Monica Belluci).

In terms of the sexist male celebrity beach bodies from Bollywood, John Abraham stole 20% of votes to claim the top spot while Hrithik Roshan came in second with 17% votes. Salman Khan, the man who made going shirtless in Bollywood mainstream rounded up the top three with 7% of the votes. Global favourites David Beckham and Brad Pitt remained as the first and second choices among Indians for the top celebrity beach bodies in Hollywood.

Watching the London Olympics 2012 it makes us wonder how many of the celebrities featured above would be able to beat those athletes when it comes to physique. Athletes however are not able to devote as much time to facial appearance as the movie stars which is where they can lose the competition. Which celebrity beach bodies do you admire the most? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment.