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The Avengers Movie Review – As Perceived By A Fanatic And A Newbie

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A narrative, documental, or other work of literature, Movie, Cinema, or song that continues the story of or expands upon issues presented in some previous work

More commonly known as a sequel, it is a concept whose use has tremendously increased in the last decade particularly in relation to superhero movies which seem to be a natural fit for sequels. By all accounts, the first ever modern movie sequel was made in 1916 with “Fall of a Nation“, a follow-up to D.W. Griffith’s wildly successful 1915 feature “Birth of a Nation“. In recent times though it is the Francis Ford Coppola directed, Al Pacino starrer Godfather II that can be rated as father of all movie sequels.

Wait a minute, why are we talking about the history of sequels in a feature that is meant to be Marvel’s, The Avengers movie review. That’s because the Joss Whedon directed, epic film has done what very few other films in the history of movie-making are able to do, carve out a whole new genre of cinema. The Avengers, is essentially a sequel to three separate Hollywood productions creating the first ever superhero ensemble on the big screen (hopefully, DC Comics is planning a mega version of the Justice League as well).

After more than six months since the first trailer of the movie was previewed, the Avengers is now officially released worldwide and is on its way to grossing $500 million globally. That’s more than twice its production cost of $220 million and we are not even touching the aspect of retail merchandising that Disney will be milking very soon. Yes, the Avengers is a huge success and has raked is highly positive reviews from all quarters, but how good is the movie actually. Now, that is a tricky question since it depends on how knowledgeable the viewer is about all the characters in the movie and most importantly if he has seen Captain America – The First Avenger and Thor, both Marvel productions that released in 2011 as part of the build-up to the Avengers.

Fortunately for us, we can present the Avengers movie review from two different perspectives as we happened to watch it with a few people who were complete newbies to the details of all the characters (except Iron Man and Hulk).

The Avengers Movie Review by a Fanatic

For the comic book fanatic and someone well versed with all the details of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D and most importantly the main villain of the movie Loki, the Avengers is like dope. Just the very thought that one would be seeing not one, not two, but four superhero legends in the same frame using every weapon in their arsenal is enough to get the adrenaline pumping. While the movie does it take a long time to build up to the final 40 minutes of exhilarating action, its all worth it since the fanatic can relate to the screenplay. The cinematography is brilliant, the special effects are mind-blowing and the battles between the individual superheros are a lot of fun as well.

Everyone’s favorite, Iron Man gets the best dialogues and is the central hero within the legion closely followers by Captain America, Thor and the Hulk. Any superhero enthusiast would easily rate the movie at 4 stars. Not 5 stars because the movie seems to be slightly longer and more complicated than needed.

The Avengers Movie Review by a Newbie

The Avengers is a very well made, highly captivating and entertaining movie. However, without context and a bit of background about the characters and some details about Thor and Loki, a newbie is certain to be lost and disengaged for most part of the film. “What is the Tesseract?“, “Who is Loki and why is he against his own brother Thor?“, are some of the questions that are bound to arise as most of the movie basically revolves around them.

Much of what is shown in the well-made trailers of the movie is the last 40 minutes, when all the mighty heroes come together to battle the aliens. One is reminded of the Will Smith, Bill Pullman starrer Independence Day particularly with the last fighting sequence where IronMan single handedly destroys the alien mother-ship. . Largely due to the lack of context, complicated details and slow build-up to the finale, a newbie would rate the Avengers at 3 stars.

Thus, an unbiased, real rating for the movie would be 3.5 stars. Nevertheless, whether you are a newbie or a fanatic this movie is worth a watch atleast once. While there is a temptation to watch it in 3D, it does not really add much value to it apart from straining the eyes. Our suggestion would be to watch it in regular 2D or IMAX 3D, if you have one available close to your location.

Are you a superhero fan? Have you seen the Avengers? How did you like it? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment.