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Katy Perry, Bollywood Cheerleaders And Cricket – Here Comes IPL 5 2012

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Are you ready for yet another season of colored pajamas, strategic time-outs, gorgeous and sexy cheerleaders, Bollywood stars, and Navjot Singh Sidhu nonsense. Whether you like it or not all of this is mostly what you will be seeing over the course of the next two months if you are among the 1.2 billion people living in India. The fifth season of the Indian Premiere League better known as DLF IPL 5 2012 got underway today after a glittering open ceremony at the YMCA College of Physical Education in Chennai.

Bollywood superstars Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and American pop sensation Katy Perry were the highlights of a lengthy opening ceremony which seems to have gotten off to less spectacular start than expected. IPL 5 2012, is being termed as the “definitive season” for this professional Twenty20 cricket league which had a brand value estimated to be around $3.67 billion in fourth season.

After four seasons, the league has seen its entertainment value in terms of sporting action go down. Instead it has got overtaken by the presence of Bollywood stars, cheerleaders and now even Katy Perry.

The last season of the IPL produced the lowest TV ratings of any of the previous editions, which according to reports was 29% down from season three. The 2011 final in Chennai, between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore was also watched by less than half of those who viewed the 2010 final. IPL 5 2012 will have two more matches than IPL 4 which again might prove to be tad too much.

Last year’s edition however did have some great moments which were highlighted by Chris Gayle’s explosive batting, the euphoria of watching members of the World Cup winning squad play again and some other special moments showing the unseen side of our favorite Bollywood actors.

Shahrukh Khan playing with Sunil Gavaskar and Shane Warne, as well as Elizabeth Hurley supporting Shane Warne and even showing public displays of affection were some of the memorable events from season 4. Will IPL 5 2012 be able to better these and carve a niche for itself or will it mark the end of popular and successful concept in world-cricket? That’s something we will find out only after 60 days of non-stop cricket action.