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Gauri Khan, Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor – Why Is Everyone Pissed With Priyanka Chopra?

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Attention all Priyanka Chopra fans. There seems to be something seriously wrong with your beloved actress. She seems to have become a narcissistic attention seeker who’s damaging her relationships and losing her goodwill with who’s who of Bollywood. After becoming the first Indian to notch up two million plus followers on twitter and enjoying the moderate success of her recent releases in Don 2 and Agneepath, it seems that Priyanka Chopra thinks that there is no one better than her.

Reason to believe so is the fact that there have recently been not one, not two but a total of four media reports about how celebrities like Gauri Khan, Susanne Roshan, Kareena Kapoor and Karan Johar recently snubbed the former Miss World. Apparently they were really pissed with Priyanka Chopra because of her public displays of affection with Shahrukh Khan and sloppiness at award ceremony rehearsals.

To make sure the media didn’t interpret things negatively, Priyanka quickly issued statements via twitter making the most of her two million fan following. Lets take a look at other side of the story as indicated by recent media reports:

Priyanka makes Kareena wait for four hours

Recently as part of the rehearsals for an awards ceremony Kareena Kapoor drove down all the way from Pune to Mumbai for shooting her televised act. What should have ended in a few hours took them forever, thanks to Priyanka Chopra. Bebo finished with her make-up and hair and arrived on the stage to see that it was already occupied by Priyanka Chopra. She had to wait for four hours before she could actually shoot her performance.

Normally, the fiery Bebo would have flared up because she was kept waiting for more than four hours. Although, she was smarting with humiliation, she maintained her cool. Later, she gave a call to the organizers and gave her piece of her mind. Now that’s strike one for Priyanka.

Gauri Khan snubs Priyanka Chopra

Susanne Roshan snubs Priyanka Chopra

Now as it turns out, you don’t try and mess with a superstar like Shahrukh Khan and you definitely don’t try and mess with his wife. Thanks to Ms Chopra’s coziness with SRK other industry biggies such as Mrs. Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar have limited their ties Priyanka. PC was apparently not invited at the Agneepath success party hosted by Hrithik and wife Susanne Roshan. As per sources, Susanne had deliberately not included Priyanka in the list since she didn’t want to upset Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan, who is a good friend of hers as well. Now this is an certainly a clue that a lot of people are really pissed with Priyanka Chopra, since she has acted with Hrithik in many films such as Agneepath, Krishh as well as the upcoming Krishh 2.

If the grapewine is to be believed Gauri Khan along with her gang of friends – Sussanne, Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey and Mehr Jesia leave no stone unturned to single out Priyanka at any given event. They even ignored her at Parmeshwar Godrej’s recent bash for Oprah Winfrey. Priyanka Chopra was reportedly so embarrassed that she quickly left the venue.

Also, recently it was reported by Zee News that Priyanka has been excluded from the guest list of Karan Johar’s next season of Koffee With Karan. The filmmaker who is thick friends with Gauri Khan is really pissed with Priyanka Chopra and is in no mood to sit over a cup of coffee with her.

Well, Priyanka being famous comes with its own set of challenges and it requires immense maturity to handle it gracefully. Its probably time that you started to grow up a little and possibly if you could do some better roles it would also help.