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Snoop Dogg, Kylie Minogue, Akon – Hollywood Celebs Singing for Bollywood

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When it comes to any industry that is ruled by creativity, new concepts and ideas, it is always advised not to design or seek a “recipe for success“, as such a formula easily leads to duplication, repetition and a copycat approach. However, since the world is not perfect and counter-intuitive ideas are hard to understand we are often exposed to concepts that are based on previously successful ideas.

One such concept that has caught on in the past few years is that of roping in mainstream American artists to do one-off item numbers for Bollywood movies. Akshay Kumar has apparently been the trendsetter in this area as his movies have seen tracks and appearances by Snoop Dogg, Kylie Minogue and most recently Ludacris.

It all started in 2008 when Snoop Dogg performed a variation of the title track for Akshay Kumar’s Singh is Kinng. The song went on to become a huge success, selling more than five million copies in two weeks after the movies music launch. It also played a major role in the movie’s success even though the film had a weak script and storyline. Snoop’s presence invited mainstream media attention in particular that of American-Asian and British-Asian youth.

Buoyed by the “Dogg Effect” from his last film, Akshay Kumar decided to follow it up with another act, this time inviting the Australian sensation Kylie Minogue to do a number for his film Blue. Sadly, poor Akshay wasn’t able to understand that just a gimmicky number featuring an International artist is not enough to make a movie successful. Blue was a horrible movie and if anything, Kylie Minogue’s number Chiggy Wiggy was the only saving grace, although it was quite an average number.

In 2011, this concept once again has come to the fore thanks to Shahrukh Khan and his upcoming movie Ra One for which he is leaving no stone unturned in relation to its marketing efforts. Akon’s number Chammak Chalo, has proved to be a runaway hit and whether the movie succeeds or not it will always be remembered for this particular number.

Unlike the other numbers featuring Akshay Kumar where he too was part of the song and the international singer used very little hindi, Chammak Chalo was mostly rendered in hindi by Akon himself. Thus, in true measure Chammak Chalo is the only real instance of a superb Hollywood – Bollywood partnership.

At GlobalMasala, we are dedicated to bringing such instances of global collaboration to the fore and it is truly fantastic to see the best of Hollywood and Bollywood work together to create highly entertaining experiences.