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Shahrukh Khans Ra One – Bollywood Comes Closer To Hollywood in a Unique Innovation

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After more than six months since its first trailer hit the airwaves during the ICC Cricket World Cup, Ra One is finally in theaters and it actually comes as a sigh of relief for all the poor citizens of India. Reason being, that over the past two months and in particular the past three weeks Shahrukh Khan, unleashed a marketing blitzkrieg capturing each and every available molecule of advertising space to promote his Sci Fi, superhero action thriller Ra.One.

It was almost as if, SRK wanted to take over our minds (similar to how Ra.One does in the movie) and make sure we saw the movie. By the time Mr. Khan officially released the movie with its premier in Toronto on October 26 he had endorsed approximately 18 brands, appeared on the finale of three reality shows, two other TV shows, spoken to all possible news channels, traveled across 11 cities in three continents and left behind a carbon footprint of 8,250 lbs of CO2. His partnerships with Google, Nokia and a state of the art YouTube channel for his movie were other examples of pioneering innovation in film marketing for a Bollywood film.

So what’s the verdict, well as it turns out Ra.One is a better than average movie which dares to be ambitious, technologically complex and attempts to push the envelope for Bollywood films. At a budget close to $40 million, it is one of the most expensive movies made in Indian cinema which explains why Shahrukh literally went out of his way to promote the film. Ra.One is one of those rare movies that has seen a wide disparity in the reception that it has received from film critics with ratings ranging from less than one to almost five. Its safe to say that those who have rated the movie poorly shouldn’t have watched it in the first place as they surely don’t understand the genre of superhero movies.

The first half of the movie is absolutely engrossing as it explains the origins of G.One (Generation One) and Ra.One (Random Access Version One). One begins to see shades of Terminator and Iron Man as the movie begins to develop, with the interval coming in at a point where G.One stands amidst a collection of cars thrown up in the air, a scene played out numerous times in various trailers of the movie.

The second half however proves to be slightly disappointing as the pace of the movie slows down and it begins to become more comical and goofy. Shahrukh and his team could have easily continued the flow from the first half and perhaps shortened the movie by 30 minutes and the end result then would have been kickass. Overall the movie is definitely worth a watch if you are digital media savvy, love technology, comic books, video games or superheroes. If you don’t belong to either of the above, then please stay at home because you’ll end up wrongly influencing other people with your immature views about the movie.

As a company inspired by Superman, we’d like to congratulate Shahrukh Khan for thinking differently, innovating and showcasing that Bollywood too is quite capable of producing world class movies just like their American counterparts.

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