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Instances of Bizarre Displays of Wealth By Well Respected Celebrities

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In today’s modern day society we judge people based on their wealth and assets rather than their personality, intelligence and maturity, but the question that arises is “how much money do you need to lead a comfortable life?“. In a recent feature we explored that even with a billion dollars the kind of food that one would consume will not change much, unless you indulged in the three of the most expensive dishes in the world as showcased in the article.

Lets face it, celebrities and other super wealthy people in the world have way too much money at their disposal. So much so, in fact, that many don’t think twice about over-spending on items that no one could never possibly need. While the smart one’s use their fortune to help society and create awareness most of the others just use it for their own pleasure, as they quite frankly fail to appreciate the value of what they have. We take a look at some of the most ridiculous purchases made be mainstream Hollywood celebrities who are otherwise highly well respected by their fans and peers around the world.

Beyonce $100,000 Leggings

Beyonce $100000 Leggings

In 2007 as part of an appearance at the annual BET Awards, Beyonce bought a pair of gold Balenciaga leggings that cost her $100,000. The leggings were worn only briefly for a performance at the awards, and most likely never worn again.

Agreed, that Beyonce looked like a million bucks in those leggings but unless she sold them later and put the money to better use, it was just a big waste of precious money that could easily have given people in developing countries a livelihood and a future.

Bono’s £1000 Hat Trip

Bono and his expensive trip to get a Hat

Bono, who is the lead singer of the legendary band U2, is one of the world’s best-known philanthropic performers and named the most politically effective celebrity of all time. Apart from achievements in the field of music, he has also been nominated for a Noble Peace Prize, been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and named as Person of the Year by Time Magazine.

Bono, would thus be the last person on earth to splurge and waste his money on something insignificant. Yet, while in Italy for a concert with the late Luciano Pavarotti in 2005, Bono realized that he had forgotten to pack his lucky hat and there was no way he was going to perform without it. He thus, had the hat flown first class from his home in England all the way to Italy, a trip which cost him a cool 1000 pounds. Now that kind of makes Bono look like a paranoid and superstitious person, but he can probably be forgiven since he was performing at a charity concert and must have raised millions of dollars in the process.

Lady Gaga and her $50,000 Bracelet

Talking about crazy celebrities, one name that quickly comes to mind is Lady Gaga who is most commonly known for her outrageous sense of fashion. Turns out that isn’t the only department where her imagination runs wild, she also strongly believes in ghosts, evil spirits and paranormal activities. So much so, that she hires paranormal experts and ghost hunters to “clean” the rooms she stay in when she travels.

Recently, she also bought a $50,000 Bracelet which is supposed to be an Electro-Magnetic field reader designed to detect the presence of ghosts. Poor Gaga probably doesn’t realize that her fortune and crazy beliefs are being taken for a ride by some smart businessmen, who happen to be close to her.

Do you think these purchases are silly and bad examples set by these celebrities who are viewed as role models by millions of people around the world? Share your views by leaving a comment.