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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan – An Average Timepass

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If you happened to see some of the early previews of Ali Abbas Zafar’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (MBKD) in which Katrina Kaif walks around the scenic Taj Mahal with a guitar around her neck crooning “Dhunki Dhunki Lage” and then gets arrested towards the end, you would have imagined that the film had a really captivating and different story. The fact that the movie stars Imran Khan whose last release Delhi Belly, was an absolute laugh riot and a refreshing change from the standard Bollywood crap would have further confirmed your beliefs, that MBKD would be worth a watch. Sadly, all those expectations are dashed as the film proves to be nothing more than yet another Yashraj films candyfloss catered to the NRI and upper middle class Indian population.

The film which starts off with the above soundtrack seems to begin with a promising story showcasing the efforts of Kush Agnihothri(Imran Khan) to find a suitable bride for his London based brother Luv (Ali Zafar). The script however falls flat about 45 minutes into the movie after Imran is able to find a the right candidate in Dimple Dixit (Katrina Kaif). Apparently Dimple was someone Kush knew from his college days and had a crush on but didn’t do anything about it. The rest of the movie is all about how they realize their feelings for each other while making the arrangements for the marriage and how they wrest themselves out of the complex situtation.

At close to two and half hours, the film is at least thirty minutes longer than what it should have been and the second half seems really dragged out. Imran Khan is one of the luckiest actors in Bollywood to have Aamir Khan as his mentor, but he just seems to be wasting his talent in candy floss movies like I Hate Luv Storys, Break Ke Baad and MBKD.

Overall the movie is an average time pass if you have nothing better to do on a weekend. Katrina Kaif fans though will probably find the film slightly better than what this review indicates as she puts in a fine performance. Actually the role is pretty much tailor made for her due to which her accent and exotic looks don’t seem out of place.

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