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The Sexiest and Most Provocative Bollywood Actresses From Past and Present

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Take any profession in any part of the world and if you study it carefully you will find that in every generation there have often been a handful of people who have stood out from the crowd. Marilyn Monroe, Harrison Ford, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga are a few of the names that come to mind from Hollywood. Back home in India, the land of the colorful and vibrant Bollywood, has also had its share of trend-setters although not as many as in the west.

Even though it is the land of the Kamasutra, the Ajanta and Ellora caves and is home to flirtatious gods such as Krishna, India and Indian actors have never been known for their sex appeal. Things seem to be changing for the better today, but that is largely due to the influence of the west and a young generation born in a global world. Throughout its history, Bollywood has often tried to break the stereotypes associated with it, thanks to some naturally sexy and graceful women from the past and some provocative and daring actresses in the present.

Lets take a look at the illustrious names that make it to our list:

Bipasha Basu

The 32 year old dark skinned actress and former model from Kolkata whose name itself means “dark desire“, was one of the first trend-setters in modern day Bollywood who stood out for her sex appeal and desirability. Part of the supermodel clan of actresses who are quite used to showing off their bodies, Bipasha broke into the spotlight after her racy scenes with John Abraham in the movie Jism.

Thereafter she was mostly seen as a sex symbol and typecasted into those kind of roles given her average acting abilities. Even though she didn’t get tremendous success as an actress, Bipasha can be credited for bringing in a certain boldness to Indian cinema and inspiring other actresses of her era to showcase their sex appeal more openly without making it appear raunchy or obscene.

Zeena Aman

Along with some her contemporaries from the golden era of Indian Cinema such as Parveen Babi, Dimple Kapadia and Sharmila Tagore (amongst the first women in Bollywood to appear in bikinis), Zeenat Aman ranks as one of the sexiest and most gracious actresses of all time. As someone born in Germany and educated in the US, Zeenat brought a sense of class and sophistication to her on-screen persona that made her the object of male fantasies during the 1970’s.

Unlike the actresses of today, Zeenat was able to exude her raw sex appeal in both Indian and Western attire. In the 1978 classic “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” (1978), Zeenat shocked audiences by going braless in a see-through, waterfall drenched white saree. In “Don“, she wore a body hugging dresses and stylish pant suits and with “Qurbaani” she stamped her image as the sex symbol of her era by appearing in a super sexy Bikini, which was never seen before in mainstream Bollywood films.

Mallika Sherawat

Even though she doesn’t come close to the graciousness and raw sex appeal of actresses from yesteryear and is no where close to the likes of Zeenat Aman, she is still a prominent name that comes to mind, when speaking of actresses with a sexy image in Bollywood. Much like Kim Kardashian who is quite well known for no particular reason, Mallika too is quite famous in Hollywood although she has done little work worthy of mention.

Mallika is sexy because she’s the first Bollywood actress approached by Playboy magazine to pose nude. She refused because it was against her morals. She was also asked to appear nude in “Murder” but backed out as well. She is known to people such as Howard Stern who asked her to “show it all” on his talk show, which shows you how much of a global sex symbol she is.

Which of these women do you find the sexiest? Are their any other names that come to your mind when you think of sexy actresses in Bollywood. Leave a comment and share your thoughts.