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Celebrity Ads Worth Watching – Dhoni, Aamir and Possibly Sachin’s 100th Ton

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This time our third edition of recent Celebrity Advertisements is dedicated to Bollywood and Cricket (two of the biggest fascinations in India) and they pack quite a punch.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the iconic Indian captain who has the led the Indian cricket team to great heights in all forms of cricket and Harbhajan Singh might be good friends on the field but off-field they seem to be taking digs at one another and suing their rival brands. Harbhajan Singh who is a brand ambassador for Royal Stag owned by Pernod Ricard recently did a commercial where he talked about his roots and his aspiration “To make it Large” (see here). In response Mcdowell’s Signature, owned by Vijay Mallaya’s United Breweries spoofed the ad using their own brand ambassador MSD.

While the spoof was extremely entertaining and funny, Harbhajan Singh, the Sikh community and ofcourse Royal Stag didn’t take it too well and dragged the UB group to court demanding a public apology, removal of the advert from any further broadcast and some financial compensation. While Mallaya didn’t appear to budge at first he later agreed to withdraw the commercial in the name of cricket (read here for more).

Aamir Khan in Titan HTSE

Aamir Khan the genius filmmaker on a high after the big success of his home production Delhi Belly also started appearing in a new ad for Titan HTSE.

The HTSE is a light powered watch and the ad which has no dialogue is simply spell binding and clearly brings out the core value proposition of the product in an excellent manner. Aamir who is quite choosy about even the brand that he endorses has done a number of excellent campaigns for Titan sporting a different look in each of them. Aamir is one of the very few method actors in India and even shoots his commercials while maintaining his look for his upcoming movie projects.

Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th Century

While this hasn’t happened yet, there is a huge expectation that it will happen soon and might even happen on India’s current tour of England. Whenever it does (its a question of when not if) advertisers will go berserk as they have a bunch of multi-million dollar campaigns lined up to celebrate the event.

Celebration of Sachin's 100th Century

Adage reports that Coca-Cola plans to roll out 10 cans, each dedicated to one of Sachin’s most memorable and significant centuries and handpicked by the batsman himself. A total of 6.5 million cans will be distributed, of which 800,000 will feature his record-breaking century. Each set of cans will display an image of Mr. Tendulkar from the respective match, the name of the opposing team, the year, and the number of runs he scored.

Surely, we can also expect an advertisement of the master blaster talking about his journey so far.

Which ad did you like the most? Anything else noticeable that has caught your eye recently? Share it with us and we’ll feature it in our next edition.