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The Unexpected Star Of Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding – Pippa Middleton

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Prior to 29 April, 2011, Phillipa Charlotte ‘Pippa’ Middleton was like any other normal upper society British party planner and socialite whom the world barely even knew. Things would have continued to stay that way had she not been the younger sister and maid of honor of HRH Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge and the fact that her posterior (or as the purists might say “her ass”) was captured in its full glory by the TV Channels broadcasting the wedding.

Post the Royal Wedding, where Kate Middleton’s little sis wowed fashionistas with her figure hugging Sarah Burton dress and played the role of Maid of Honor with excellent poise and grace, Pippa has suddenly come in the spotlight for her sophisticated sense of fashion and her great ‘ass’. Termed as ‘Her Royal Hotness‘, Pippa has become an instant celebrity and was even offered $5 million dollars to star in a porn film by Vivid Entertainment.

Mainstream celebrity websites such as E! Online and People now report regular updates around Pippa and a number of new sites such as Pippa’s Ass (comes up as the second search result on Google) have cropped up in the two months after she was first seen by an global audience at the Royal Wedding. Prominent websites and leading publications around the world are now making sure they create regular content around Pippa to cash in on the buzz. Unfortunately, most of the content stays around what she wears, where she goes, her ass and her relationship with her sister.

Pippa for her part seems to be enjoying her new found fame. She recently broke up with her long time boyfriend Alex Loudon who accompanied her to the wedding and is rumored to be dating her ex-flame George Percy. Her parent’s though seem slightly worried that a lot of attention is being given to their daughter’s looks and so they decided to buy her a bomb proof car valued at close to 100,000 pounds.

Well, we wouldn’t blame Michael and Carole Middleton specially after noticing that there is a facebook page that appreciates her bum and its got close to 237,000 fans.

Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society Facebook Page