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Joey, Chandler, Rachel and the Friends Gang – The Stuff You’ve Never Seen Before

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A couple of months ago our special two part feature about the life of the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S post the show (checkout Part 1 and Part 2) received an excellent response, which just goes to show how much we all still love that TV series. FRIENDS is one of those rare sitcoms which although made by American TV Networks for American audiences went to become a global success and its re-runs still continue to air even though the show ended seven years ago.

Not many people are aware of the fact that most of the episodes of FRIENDS were actually shot in-front of a live studio audience and the laughter that we used to hear in the background was real laughter and not canned. Since the show was shot in front of a live audience, the characters (in particular Matthew Perry) would often mess up the scenes on purpose to give the audience a good laugh. They also made mistakes very often specially while doing extremely funny scenes. These bloopers and special scenes were never shown on TV except to American audiences in the form of special episodes.

However thanks to YouTube, a lot of these special scenes are now available for viewing online. In particular the one that stands out the most is a 20 minute show titled ‘Friends: The Stuff You’ve Never Seen‘ hosted by Conan O’Brien that aired in 2001. In this show Conan interviews the entire cast in their famous Coffee Shop asking them about scenes that they messed up and what caused them to mess up those scenes.

Apart from this special show which covered seasons 1-7 there are also videos of bloopers from Season 8,9 and 10. Watching these videos which are quite hilarious by themselves brings back great memories of the show and are also a great way to test your knowledge of various episodes.

Are you a FRIENDS fan? Is there something about the show or the characters that you wish to know more about? Let us know and we’ll surely dig it out for you.