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Its Swann Vs Muralitharan in the Rubicon 50p Challenge

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The Challenge: Two of the best spin bowlers in world cricket face off against one another in a contest that challenges their skill, ability and accuracy. The task is to ping off a 50 pence coin balanced on the edge of a glass, itself balanced on a stump without knocking the glass off the stump. All this bowling regulation spin at a target no more than 2mm thick from a distance of 22 yards (a full length wicket).

The popular British exotic drinks brand Rubicon in partnership with Minimart organized this one off event to promote some new lines of drinks for their brand. The spinners in question where none other than Graeme Swann, currently ranked as the best spin bowler in cricket and the legendary Muttiah Muralitharan who along with Shane Warne is considered to be one of the greatest spin bowlers of the game. So, the big question is whether Swanny or Murali managed to achieve this incredibly difficult feat.

As the video showcases, after some great banter, a number of misses, near misses and direct hits, Murali stepped up, bowled a perfect off spin delivery that whistled past the top of the glass, pinging the 50 pence up into the air while leaving the glass undisturbed. It was a one in a million shot, captured in all its glory in super slow motion by the Rubicon team.

During his long and illustrious career Muralitharan was often accused of “throwing” the ball and being a chucker as a result of his unique bowling style. Some cricket fanatics still believe that he is not a genuine spinner but as this challenge proved, such a feat could only be achieved by someone with great skill and ability which is what Murali possesses in abundance.

What did you think of the challenge? Do you think any other bowler is capable of achieving this feat?