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West Meets East – Hollywood Celebrities That Follow Cricket

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Connect the Movie Gladiator, the Movie Bedazzled, the character of Wolverine and British Actor Aubrey Smith.

Now that is surely a tough question to crack unless you know your trivia really well or you are someone blessed by lady luck. The answer is cricket or as the title of this article suggests Hollywood celebrities that follow cricket.

If you’re still scratching your head at the answer then here’s how it works. The movie Gladiator had Russell Crowe as its male lead while Bedazzled had Elizabeth Hurley as its female lead. The legendary Russell Crowe who has treated us to brilliant performances in movies like The Insider, Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind was born in Wellington, New Zealand and is the first cousin to New Zealand cricket icons Martin Crowe and Jeff Crowe. He has also captained the ‘Australian’ Team containing Steve Waugh against an English side in a ‘Hollywood Ashes‘ Cricket Match.

Elizabeth Hurley on the other hand is now well known to all die hard cricket fans in India given her strong presence at most Rajasthan Royals games at the recently concluded IPL 4 competition. Strangely enough both Russell and Liz are very good friends of Shane Warne which is another strong connection that links them to cricket.

Coming to the last two names of the question posed above, the character of Wolverine has been brought to life on reel by Hugh Jackman who was born in Sydney, Australia and played cricket during his school days. In fact Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman recently visited India where he shook a leg with Shahrukh Khan, Vidya Balan and interacted with other top Bollywood celebrities. Turns out, Wolverine is actually a really good batsman who has to his credit the accomplishment of hitting Shane Warne for 20 runs in one over.

The final name of British Actor Aubrey Smith is quite fascinating. Mr. Smith was the founder of the Hollywood Cricket Club (amazingly they do have one) established in 1932 and located in Los Angeles, California. These are perhaps the most well known connections between Hollywood and Cricket (which is basically ruled by India today) although this list provides some other instances of the game being mentioned in Hollywood movies and television shows.