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The Best Celebrity Music Videos of All Time

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At 12:01am on 1 August 1981, MTV aired its first ever Music Video which was appropriately titled “Video Killed The Radio Star” .That year signaled the start of an era which would change the lives of musicians and create a whole new Industry which would eventually evolve into today’s world of YouTube and Vevo. Today’s internationally renowned singers and artists are much bigger than any Hollywood or Bollywood actors and this has largely been due to the rise and popularity of Music Videos served mostly through Music channels such as MTV, Channel V and VH1.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s the music video revolution was at its peak and the lure of it was so high that many celebrities whether established or struggling considered it to be a great way to boost their careers or even get noticed initially. While there are a number of music videos with celebrities in them, there are very few all-time classics that feature well-known personalities. So we decided to showcase three all time classics that feature Hollywood personalities who are reasonably well-known today.

Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen starring Courtney Cox

This song went on to become biggest hit of 1984 and the best selling album of Springsteen’s career. The music video, set at a live performance, is perhaps best remembered for the appearance of Courteney Cox (at the age of 20 years) as a fan who is invited on stage by Springsteen, and dances with him. Needless, to say Courtney got noticed and started to appear in small budget feature films from 1987 before achieving world-wide fame with the success of Friends (read our feature here).

Remember the Time by Michael Jackson featuring Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson

“Remember the Time” was released as the second single from Michael Jackson’s eight studio album, Dangerous on January 14, 1992. According to co-writer Teddy Riley, the song is about Jackson falling in love with Debbie Rowe in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The song was fairly successful and to promote it further the Music video was made which at nine minutes long was promoted as a short film. This is was one of the finest videos made by Jackson during his career and was later featured in documentaries on him such as Dangerous – The Short Films in 1993,Video Greatest Hits – HIStory in 1995 and Michael Jackson’s Vision in 2010.

Crazy by Aerosmith featuring Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler

A much loved song even today, Crazy was one of the most requested videos of 1994 and marked the career debut of Steven’s then-teenaged daughter Liv Tyler. The video was based on the success formula of “girls, parties, fun and sex” which has become the most common script for any type music video today (read here). The song earned Aerosmith a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal in 1994 and was selected #23 in VH1’s Top 100 Music Videos of All Time. The video catapulted Alica Silverstone and Liv Tyler to Hollywood stardom while making them the sweethearts of many teenage boys during those years.

Apart from the above You Could Be Mine by Guns’ N Roses featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger fresh from his success after Terminator could also be counted as one of the popular music videos featuring a celebrity. Do you have any favorite celebrity music videos, if so then let us know about them?