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A Movie with 333 Directors starring YOU – The Life In A Day Project by LG and YouTube

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Those who are avid travelers will identify with the fact that every-time they feel the earth in a new country or city, there is rush of energy that goes through them. It comes across as an amazing feeling that every city in the world is so full of life and activity irrespective of its scale of development and economic prosperity. Perhaps on a few occasions we have even asked ourselves the question “What Does a Single Day on Planet Earth Feel Like?

Prior to 2010, the answer to this question was in the realms of our imagination. However thanks to the Social Media revolution and the rise of YouTube as a global online community it is possible to know the answer to this tough question. In July 2010, YouTube in partnership with National Geographic Entertainment, LG and Ridley Scott launched the Life in a Day Project. The initiative invited people from around the world to capture a moment in their life and upload it to the Life In A Day YouTube Channel after which a selection of those videos would make it to a full scale feature film directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott.

The project was a runaway success and received close to 80,000 entries (4500 hours of footage) from 197 countries around the world. A team led by Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald then edited the choice bits of the footage into a 90-minute feature film. The result was the world’s first ever crowd sourced documentary that was showcased at the Sundance Film Festival in January, 2011 and will be released across theaters later this year.

While some believe that crowd-sourcing creativity and ideas for entertainment is fraught with risks (read here), the Life In A Day Project proves that for some ideas crowd-sourcing via use of social networking can create masterpieces and extraordinary works of art.