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Matt Leblanc, Lisa Kudrow, David Schiwmmer: What is the cast of FRIENDS doing now? Part 2

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In the first of this two part series we explored how much the youth of today loved the show FRIENDS which stopped airing new episodes almost seven years back and made most of its main cast members into celebrities (read part 1 here). The immense popularity of the show and its characters now make us eager to watch them again in any of their other avatars.

In part 1 we explored what the characters of Rachel, Monica and Chandler (played by Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry) are doing now. In the final part of this feature we will complete the cast by finding out what the rest of the crew has been doing in the time post FRIENDS. Starting with the funniest and most loved character, Joey who was played by Matt Leblanc. While Chandler had a natural instinct for being funny, Joey was funny because he just played a low-intellect character who was a great womanizer. In the days post-friends,

Matt Leblanc tried to single-handedly continue the franchise with Joey, a FRIENDS spinoff which got a good opening but wasn’t able to sustain audience interest and lasted for only two seasons till 2006.

Thereafter, Matt didn’t do much and only recently signed up to appear as a fictional version of himself in Episodes, a BBC/Showtime series written by Friends co-creator David Crane and his partner Jeffrey Klarik.

Lisa Kudrow a.k.a Phoebe Buffay, the craziest and most eccentric character on the show was a fine actress who went on to establish herself in more serious cinema. Lisa didn’t have the glamor quotient of Jennifer or Courtney but was certainly much more intellectual than them. Post FRIENDS she starred in a number of movies such as P.S. I Love You, Hotel for Dogs and Bandslam. She also started her own television series titled Web Therapy which is running successfully and is currently in its third season.

The close bond between Courtney Cox and Lisa continued after the show, with Lisa even appearing in an episode of Cougar Town produced by Ms.Cox

David Schwimmer better known as the smart, intelligent and geeky Ross Gellar, was perhaps the most talented amongst rest of the cast and had appeared in small roles in well known television series before FRIENDS, the most prominent being The Wonder Years and NYPD Blue. The character of Ross was actually written with him in mind by his friend and producer Kevin S.Bright, but when he was first approached for the role he refused it.

Not many people are aware of this, but David also directed 10 episodes of friends towards the last few seasons and that is where he developed his skills as a director. Post friends, he has mostly been involved in movies and is noted for the voice of Melman in the hit animated franchise Madagascar. In 2010 he also directed a movie called Trust, based on parenting in the Internet age and how child predators are using the internet to stalk and gain access to their victims.