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Jen Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matt Perry: What is the cast of FRIENDS doing now? Part 1

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Members of Gen Y and late Gen X if asked to cite one of their favorite TV shows will almost certainly mention one show which even after 7 years of airing its last episode continues to rule our hearts. F.R.I.E.N.D.S, that legendary sitcom which made the characters of Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe and Rachel immortal, continues to rule the airwaves around the world with its re-runs. For those of us who have grown up watching the show, watching the re-runs is even more enjoyable as there is an added nostalgic feel to them.

Even today we would associate the real people behind the characters with their fictional names and to us they probably haven’t even aged. While some of them have gone on to achieve much greater fame and success post the show others descended into relative obscurity. Which brings us to the big question, what is each member of the Cast of FRIENDS doing today? To begin with Jennifer Aniston or Rachel Green who was not the funniest on the show went on to achieve Hollywood super stardom both as a result of her films and endorsements as well as her much publicized love life. Last seen in the movie Just go with it opposite Adam Sandler, Jennifer is a hugely successful and popular hollywood actress today.

Recently she also made a foray onto the web with her first viral video called the “Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

Courtney Cox a.k.a Monica Gellar, the much loved cleanliness addict on the show is probably second to Jennifer Aniston in terms of success achieved post FRIENDS. Post the show Cox concentrated mostly on her family life for a few years before returning to mainstream television as part of shows such as Dirt and the hugely successful Cougar Town. Currently Cox is enjoying the success of Scream 4 as she was an integral part of the movie franchise with its earlier versions.

Now that you know what Monica and Rachel are doing, how about enjoying a clip from her show Dirt, which would make Joey go, “Yeahhh Baabby

Matthew Perry better known as the hilarious Chandler Bing, was probably the best actor on the sitcom. Post FRIENDS he pursued his career in Hollywood movies starring in the sequel to The Whole Nine Yards with The Whole Ten Yards as well as other well received movies such as Numb and 17 Again.

Currently, Perry (@matthewperry) is the co-creator, co-writer, executive producer and star of the ABC sitcom Mr. Sunshine, which premiered on February 9, 2011.

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