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2011 – A Year of Mega Superhero Flicks from Hollywood and Bollywood

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Superhero movies are most often than not the ultimate safe bet when it comes to film production. Most superheros around which movies are made e.g: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman etc have been around for decades in comic and cartoon form and are liked by people of all ages. Thus, a well made, technology powered superhero flick instantly creates a buzz and hype prior to its release and experiences packed theaters for the first few weeks of its opening.

The resounding success of Avatar has further encouraged studios to create action packed movies with popular characters in 3D. The very notion of watching your favorite comic book heroes in 3D is absolutely mouth-watering. Given this context 2011 is expected to be a treat for traditional comic book fans with a line up of big budget superhero flicks from both Hollywood and Bollywood. The first film which won the award for the “Most Anticipated Movie” at the 2010 Los Angeles Scream Awards is the Ryan Reynolds starer Green Lantern.

Green Lantern

In the DC Universe, Green Lantern is one of the core members of the Justice League and works closely with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Martian Manhunter. This will be the first ever feature film on the character and is most likely based on the animated version by Warner Premiere which was released in 2009

Set for a US release on June 17,2011 the movie promises to be a visual treat given that it will be packed with special effects and will be in 3D.

Ra One

October 2011 will also see Shahrukh Khan star in the the first special effects powered superhero bollywood movie that will be at a level comparable to the west. Indian movies so far do not have any non-mythological superheros similar to Superman and thus everyone is looking forward to RaOne. Similar movies in the past where the lead character had superpowers such as Mr.India and Krrish rose to become cult classics.

RaOne will certainly see packed theaters around the world for the first few weeks and has already sold its Television broadcasting rights to Star India for a sum of $ 9 million (Rs.40 crore).

Captain America

Similar to Green Lantern but this time from the world of Marvel Comics, 2011 will also see the first feature film on Captain America, the world’s first super-soldier. Once again, the trailer looks stunning and watching it in 3D will be a real visual treat that will should get our adrenaline pumping.

Apart from the above which promise to do well given that they are first versions of these superheros coming on the big screen, there will also be the 2nd sequel to Transformers series titled Dark of the Moon to look forward to. All in all an exciting and action-packed second half of the year.