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World Cup 2011, India Vs Pakistan – The Prediction Wars are On

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India and Pakistan, two nuclear armed neighboring countries that have fought three full-scale wars with one another in the last 50 years. Even today, when both the countries are growing rapidly with a huge percentage of their population under the age of 35 the animosity still exists. Be it wrestling, hockey or any other sport there is always a terrific amount of hype and media interest whenever these two countries or their representatives meet one another.

Nothing though evokes greater interest and patriotism on both sides than an India Vs Pakistan cricket match. Such a clash in the penultimate stage of a World Cup however can be termed as EPIC as the stakes are huge. The winner gets to play in the final and has a great chance of being crowned as World Champion of one day cricket for the next four years. Given this massive consumer and media interest and investments to the order of millions of dollars as well as past history of match-fixing the integrity of the game comes into question. It is already quite surprising to see that all three host nations India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have qualified for the semi finals whilst previous champions and stronger teams have been eliminated.

The result of the India vs Pakistan game scheduled for March 30, 2011 has now become a national topic of interest, given that political heads of the two countries will also be witnessing the match. When it comes to predictions no one does it better in India than astrologers and the betting mafia. Two parties with extremely different ideologies with the former ruling the minds of millions of people in the country. So what do these experts have to say regarding the result of this huge game,

Betting Mafia
As talked about in this article, former Indian Income Tax commissioner Wishru Mandu Gupta has strongly claimed that India will lose their semi-final clash against Pakistan allowing the bookies to make millions of dollars. While the TV Channel citing this news isn’t the most trusted one, Mr.Gupta’s comments will surely make your ears stand up.

The astrologers on the other hand have used the Date & Time of the Match, Shahid Afridi’s & Dhoni’s Natal Chart to predict that it will be a very tight match with the winner being decided in the death overs. The win might be with a small margin, however chances are seen for Dhoni and company to win the match. (read here for more)

Given the difference of opinion it will be interesting to see who wins in this new clash of God Vs Man. Nevertheless it promises to be a brilliant game and hopefully will involve some fireworks just like this one from the 1996 World Cup encounter between the two teams