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The Cricket World Cup is On – Where is Shane Warne?

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The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup is surely proving to be a treat for the eyes and way better than the previous edition which was quite boring. All of England’s games have proved to be incredibly exciting and close encounters. Even the associate teams are doing well, giving the big guns a run for the money.

The cup has attracted huge sponsorships from corporates with TV networks also investing heavily by bringing on a number of former cricketers from across the globe as analysts. Amongst all the big names, there is one name that seems to be missing. Shane Warne, one cricket’s all time greatest players and flamboyant personalities. Shane would have been a lovely addition as a commentator or studio analyst.

So the question, is Where is Shane Warne? Well as it turns out, he seems to be in the midst of sex scandals and adultery

charges back home in Australia. Shane had been in a relationship with British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley for a while with Liz only recently having visited Melbourne to holiday with Shane. However as the DailyMail UK reports (read here), the cricketer has been accused of bedding British porn star Chloe Conrad while he was dating Liz Hurley.

Well judging by the above it surely seems that Shane isn’t too interested in cricket these days and seems to be doing a “Charlie Sheen” with his life. Nevertheless, Shane was a great cricketer and we can never get tired of watching his great dismissals where the batsmen were just left bamboozled.