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Shahrukh Khan – From a Cool Delhite to the King Of Bollywood

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SRK, King Khan, Badshah Of Bollywood, don’t these terms sound really familiar. They most certainly do and all of them refer to the same person Shahrukh Khan

. Born and brought up in Delhi, SRK would one day conquer the world and have the whole Indian Film Industry at his feet. Today he is one of the most famous and successful actors in Bollywood and one of the very few indian entertainers who is known and recognized across the world.

He might be really rich and famous today but it wasn’t always like that. He started off as a normal middle class delhite with big dreams and like many youngsters of today set off for Bombay to make his dreams come true.Here are some unknown facts about his early life, his struggle and some great moments of his life. You would have surely not read this anywhere before, so here goes :-

  • SRK was born in Delhi and stayed at Gautam Nagar. He attended St.Columba’s School and was known to be a bright and intelligent kid. He was awarded with the Sword Of Honour, an annual award bequeathed to the student who embodies most the spirit of the school, in one of the years.
  • While in school he founded a club called C Gang with his friends. The C was formed by splitting the 0 in Maruti 800 into 2. The theme of the club was to look hip and cool. Each member of the club used to get a specially designed jacket that he was supposed to wear along with grey nike shoes.
  • SRK claims that he has no idols in life and does not look upto anyone except for one of his teachers in school who is called Brother D’ Souza.
  • SRK first met his future wife when he was in Class 7, and fell for her then itself. SRK’s school friends say that gauri initially had no liking for him whatsoever.

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In 2011, the whole of India and many Indians in other countries will eagerly look forward to watching Shahrukh Khan in Ra One which promises to be a visual treat.