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Rebecca Black and the Best Worst YouTube Video Ever

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Have you heard the song that has received more than 51 million views (and counting) on YouTube since it was uploaded six weeks ago. The song sung by a 13 year old unknown American girl is currently receiving more than 30 comments a second on YouTube, one tweet a second on Twitter, has received more than 40,000 downloads on iTunes raking in more than $27,000 so far excluding YouTube Ad revenue and revenue from any other sources or endorsements.

The singer, Rebecca Black already has 60,000 followers on Twitter (@msrebeccablack) and plans to do an acoustic version of her song soon which has already entered the top 100 charts in the US, Canada and UK. Surely by now, you are itching to have a look at this video and find out what it is so great about it.

Some facts that we forgot to mention were that the song is also one of the most disliked songs on YouTube with close to 900,000 dislikes, 500,000 negative comments and at some stage might make you want to tear your ears off.

Regardless of its quality and the fact the singer had to nothing at all to achieve this kind of fame and adulation (read an analysis of her story here) the fact is that Rebecca Black is now a celebrity. She has won positive reviews from the likes of Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest and Lady Gaga and is certain to get opportunities that other artists who are many times more talented than her will fail to receive.

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