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Is Charlie Sheen Winning or Losing?

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Charlie Sheen, the flamboyant, extravagant and extremely gifted actor who single handedly gave Warner Bros and CBS a blockbuster television show with Two and Half Men has been all over the media in the past few weeks. Charlie is no stranger when it comes to courting controversy and attracting media attention, however the buzz that he has created in the past few weeks has been quite extra-ordinary.

While his controversial and candid comments on news networks and chat shows across the United States helped create the initial buzz his media presence got a huge boost after he joined Twitter with the handle @charliesheen. Charlie created the world record for the fastest to get to 1 million followers, a feat he achieved in a little over 24 hours. As of the time of writing this piece Charlie has amassed 3,062,166 followers on Twitter which surely says something about his fan following. So the big question is whether Charlie Sheen is winning or losing.

Let’s take a moment and analyze some recent stories:

Charlie Sheen fired from Two and a Half Men TV show – Charlie called this great news which would liberate him and allow him to torpedo his career.

Charlie: I’m nuts, ‘Losing my mind’ – The authenticity of the information here is doubtful but if its true then it would seem that Charlie is going through some sort of mental breakdown.

Charlie Sheen gets 74,000 applicants for ‘Tiger Blood intern’ role – A lot of people have called Charlie crazy, but if this piece of news as well the fact that a US firm recently launched an energy drink called Tiger Blood (inspired from Charlie Sheen) are any indication, then it surely seems that Charlie is winning

By his own admission Charlie is surely a very smart and intelligent person who lives life on his own terms and knows what audiences want, which is to be entertained. It thus seems probable that he will surely be back on his feet again soon. Recent reports over the past few days indicate that he will probably back for Two and Half Men and is set to rake in more than $7 million with his scheduled tour across the US (as per TMZ here)

Whatever people might say, Charlie surely is a very confident and gutsy person who speaks his mind no matter who he is talking to, as this video suggests.