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How To: Search for Good Recipes Online

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Well and truly into the second decade of the 21st century, people from Generation Y and early Generation Z have always-on lifestyles with most of their time spent online via various PC and post PC devices. In such a scenario they barely have anytime to learn how to make good food as a result of which the youth mostly prefers to eat outside and try various restaurants and food joints.

There is however no greater joy than pleasing your close friends, family and loved ones with home cooked food. So how do you go from an amateur chef to someone who can win over people by cooking sumptuous treats. Its all about knowing where to find the recipes you want because most likely a detailed description of whatever you are trying to cook is available online. A few of the best sources to find good recipes are detailed here

Google Recipe Search
Not many of us are aware of this but Google is very well known for the food that it serves in its cafeterias and that is one of the major frills of working at Google. Last month, the company launched a feature that allows you to find the exact recipe you need by using their recipe search function.

While there aren’t many reviews out yet regarding the usefulness of this feature, judging by the video it sure seems that one will be able to narrow down to a customized recipe using the tool.

Allrecipes.com is one of the most visited recipe websites on the internet. Organized nicely in various categories, the site has a huge collection of recipes and more often than not proves to be sufficient for amateur cooks.

Another great benefit of the site is that it has an Indian version at allrecipes.co.in thus enabling you to find any kind of cuisine that you are looking for.

Epicurious is another widely known food site mainly because of its hugely successful mobile apps and endorsements by Gourmet Magazine and Bon Appetit. The site features Recipes, food tips, wine reviews, and an online community where people can share recipes and connect with one another over topics of food.

Apart from many websites available on the topic of food and recipes, Twitter too has some excellent resources to find great recipes known only known to master-chefs. Some great chefs to follow on Twitter are Gordon Ramsay and Todd English who can be followed at @GordonRamsay01, @ChefToddEnglish (check the people they follow to find other chefs on twitter)

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