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Celebrity Ads That Are Worth Watching

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There used to be a time a few decades ago when people used to enjoy the TV Advertisements more than the shows. That was largely because the medium was still in its early stages and advertising used to be a welcome change from regular programming content.

Today, however the situation today is quite different. There are ads everywhere and most of the times people just want to jump over them and move to the real thing. Advertising strategy has now become a specialty subject of its own and creating engaging ads which people won’t mind watching over and over again now takes a lot of hard work and research. ¬†We thus bring to you some recent ads starring popular celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood that are quite engaging to watch starting of the with sultry Katrina Kaif

in an ad for the mango drink Slice by Pepsico India. The campaign titled Aamsutra is named after the Kamasutra, the fabled guide to classic sex positions.

The next ad features the popular Hollywood singer Rihanna in an ad for the fragrance Reb’l Fleur. The ad has a dreamy feel to it and showcases the singer’s transformation from good girl gone bad.

Finally, given that its Cricket World Cup season, Pepsico seems to have done an amazing job with its ads featuring leading Cricket players sprinkled with some bollywood stars and common people. The ad has a very nice feel to it as it shows the cricketers in common situations learning tricks that they use when they are on the field playing the game.