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The Most Gorgeous Athletes And Celebrities From The World Of Sports

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Beauty and brains, pleasure and usability – they should go hand in handDonald Norman

Appears to be a philosophy that guided Steve Jobs and his suite of Apple products. However the truth is that the combination of “beauty with brains” is a deadly one and thus rare to find. Even in our daily lives it is hard to come across people who are gifted with a combination of great physical appearance and strong intellect. This is true in most professions including the world of Entertainment.

In a recent feature titled “The Most Educated Global Celebrities“, we explored a similar concept highlighting famous actors from Hollywood and Bollywood who were smart enough to pursue real education before taking to the world of showbiz. However gaining education is not the only sign of being brainy. Possessing a certain kind of skill and talent which makes you world class in that field is also equally commendable. So if you look at the non-movie side of entertainment you see a number of inspirational figures in the form of sport-stars.

Call it great genes or the will of the universe, but there are sport-stars who became world famous in their respective fields and were so good looking that they put models to shame. Gorgeous athletes are rare and lucky individuals who are able to capitalize on their athletic ability during the prime of their career and great looks as the phase out of their sport. A prime example of this is David Beckham, whose claim to fame was his mind-blowing football skills, but today his name as instantly recognisable as that of multinational companies like Coca-Cola and IBM.

Its been close to five years since David passed his prime as a footballer, but till date he appears in commercials and endorses leading brands like H&M, EA Sports etc all thanks to his stunning “metrosexual” looks. Now that’s a perk that only gorgeous athletes can manage.

Another name, that comes to mind specially if you’re male is that of Maria Sharapova. At 6 ft 2 in this leggy beauty from Russia has won 24 WTA titles, is currently ranked number 2 and has previously also had a taste of occupying the number 1 ranking. She is repeatedly named as one the most gorgeous athletes in the world and through sponsorship earns close to US $26 mn annually. At the age of just 24, Maria is unbelievably rich and unbelievable hot. If she can keep up with the demands of being a professional tennis player, she has a long way to go in her career. Her great looks however give her a highly lucrative profession to fall back on, even after she passes her prime as an athlete.

Surprisingly, Russian female tennis players make up a large percentage of gorgeous athletes, with Anna Kournikova, Maria Kirilenko and Elena Dementieva being some of the other famous names.

While Beckham and Sharapova fall in the league of gorgeous athletes who are well-known around the world, there are number of other athletes primarily in the USA who also qualify in this exclusive club. Sports like Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Golf, Surfing and Beach Volleyball are mostly centric to the United States and Canada and good looks is apparently part of the mix that makes you successful in these games, particularly for women. Among these American sports as well there are two names that stand out from the rest; Tom Brady and Danica Patrick.

Tom Brady is to NFL, as Sachin Tendulkar is to cricket. He is considered to be the greatest quarterbacks of all time and together with his coash Bill Belichick combined to form one of the greatest quarterback-coach tandems in NFL history. When it comes to his physical appearance his packs a punch as well, a fact proven by his marriage to supermodel Giesele Bundchen.

Together Brady and Bundchen are the world’s highest paid celebrity couple earning more than $75 million a year, way ahead than David and Victoria Beckham who a earn a little more than $40 million per annum.

Finally, although she is the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing, being the only woman to win in the IndyCar Series, she is better known around the world as the Go-Daddy Girl. With a combination of speed and beauty she is acknowledged as the queen of gorgeous athletes. Danica Patrick is a fearless brunette beauty who puts her 5-foot-2 frame up against the big boys in IndyCar and NASCAR racing. She became the first woman in history to win an IndyCar event at the Japan 300 in 2008. Since then she has only grown in popularity appearing in a host of commercials and lifestyle and men’s magazines.

Judging by the above, life surely seems to be nice and rosy for these gorgeous athletes with not one but two lucrative income-streams. David Beckham, Maria Sharapova, Tom Brady, Danica Patrick, who is your favorite? Any other gorgeous athletes that could give them a run for their money? Drop a comment and share your thoughts.