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Madhuri, Brad Pitt, Matt Le Blanc – Famous Celebrities in Food Commercials

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Its been nine months since our launch and as we inch towards the 100 article milestone there are a couple of areas that GlobalMasala has developed a niche in thanks to its unique name. We thoroughly relish showcasing instances of Bollywood meeting Hollywood and vice versa; its what brings the world closer and is the perfect recipe for extraordinary entertainment experiences. We also regularly feature the latest celebrity ads from around the world as well as amazing recipes and food trivia.

So this time, in the true spirit of innovation we decided to combine celebrity ads and food to come up with what is somehow a rarity on television, famous celebrities appearing in food commercials (with the exception of all soft drink ads). Perhaps the notion of extremely fit actors and sumptuous food seems unreal particularly in today’s age of six pack ab diets and workouts. As a result most of the ads showcased in this feature are rather old but most importantly indicate a difference in ad culture between Hollywood and Bollywood.

Brad Pitt – Pringles

Even though he is approaching 50, Brad Pitt continues to be the heart throb of millions of women around the world. This 1989 commercial showcasing a 26 year old Brad Pitt in all his shirtless glory, complete with surfer-dude hair and a neon bathing suit relishing the still yummy Pringles became a hit when it was unearthed four years ago. As you maybe able to guess, it became quite a rage with young girls and women who could almost visualize Barbie’s boyfriend Ken in the oh-so-young Brad Pitt.

Matt Le Blanc – Heinz

Many years before he became rich and successful thanks to a superlative performance in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Matt Le Blanc was a struggling actor who appeared in commercials like these to showcase his acting skills. This hugely successful ad for Heinz Ketchup which won the Gold Lion award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987 and was shown well into the early 1990s as well featured a 20 year old Joey, cleverly saucing his hot dog and impressing the girl next to him.

Here is where one can find a difference in perception in how the medium of advertisements is used differently in Hollywood and Bollywood. In Hollywood, ads were often used as a launching pad for many aspiring actors to gain visibility. There are plenty of examples like these that showcase this fact. However, in Bollywood barring a few exceptions like Aishwarya Rai and Preity Zinta getting featured in TV ads has always been the bastion of established actors.

Madhuri Dixit – Neesa Basmati Rice

The erstwhile Queen of Bollywood who still has no match in the industry and has a sizable following across the world has over the past few years emerged as the ambassador for all housewives and home makers. She has become a regular on the Sanjeev Kapoor owned channel Food Food and also shot this commercial for Neesa basmati rice earlier this year.

Apart from Madhuri very few other Bollywood actors endorse any proper food brands(excluding chocolates, tea, biscuits and soft drinks). The only other ad shown in the past few years was Arshad Warsi for Dominos Pizza was at best a very average commercial.

Celebrities today are not only admired for their acting skills and ability to deliver fine perfomances but also for they way they maintain their looks and fitness. If they can endorse clothing lines, shampoos, soaps and cosmetics than why can’t they also share the secrets of what they eat. Lets hope we get to see a lot more on this front in future.

Are you aware of any ads featuring mainstream celebrities endorsing food brands? If so then do share and we might include it as part of this feature.