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Delhi Belly – A Must Watch If You’re Looking To Laugh Your Ass Off

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Pardon the expletives in this post but as the success of this film proves (yes it is a hit), in today’s age its better to be irreverent and in your face than beat around the bush beeping away stuff (hello Mr.Bachchan your film, BHT Baap sucks). Delhi Belly is a fantastic entertainer that is sure to leave your belly aching after fits of laughter. Its probably the first of its kind in mainstream Bollywood cinema and once again proves the genius of Aamir Khan and his extraordinary film making ability. The movie belongs to a genre that is highly popular in Hollywood (think American Pie, Hangover, Harold and Kumar etc) but has never been attempted in Bollywood under the banner of quality film production houses.

It is thus heartening to see that such movies can be made in India as well, in fact they can be much better than those of our Hollywood counterparts. The story of Delhi Belly which has been released in Hindi and Hinglish (most characters speak English for 70% of the movie time in this version) is about three friends Tashi (Imran Khan), Nitin (Kunal Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) who live in the filthiest of living conditions at their bachelor pad somewhere in old Delhi. Tashi is soon to get married to his fiance Sonia who is an air hostess and belongs to a wealthy family. Things start going wrong when Sonia asks Tashi to deliver a package given to her by some Russian guy at the airport and Tashi in turn asks his friends to make the delivery for him. The packages later get mixed up (apparently with a sample of s***) resulting in the party that was supposed to receive the original package to go after Tashi and his friends.

While the movie is extremely funny almost all of the humor is situational and not forced and revolves around a captivating story-line (which is what separates Aamir from the rest of Bollywood). There isn’t a single complete music track in the movie except one in the end, although the various songs are brilliantly inserted at the right moments. The movie doesn’t have an interval and at 100 minutes is just the right length for an entertainer similar to most Hollywood movies.

Delhi Belly also proves that it doesn’t take a superstar to make a movie succeed, all it takes is an excellent script and fine actors. All the actors right from Imran Khan and his friends to Vijay Raaz as the Ganglord supposed to receive the original packet to Poorna Jagannathan as Imran’s colleague and love interest put in fine performances that makes the movie riveting and exciting.

Watch Delhi Belly if you’re looking for a good laugh, don’t mind crass language and toilet humor and love Delhi. And if you’re looking for others to confirm our thoughts then here are a few other opinions on the movie

With ‘Delhi Belly’, the urban, money-is-everything, foul-mouthed India has been captured with aplomb – Subhash K.Jha – IANS