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Enjoy Celebrity Fitness in your Home with Kristin Mcgee Livestream Yoga

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Imagine if you had an opportunity to practice and learn Yoga from one of the finest yoga teachers in the world whose list of clients include A-list Hollywood celebrities such as Steve Martin, LeAnn Rimes, Tina Fey just to name a few. If you ever had a wish to be trained by the best in the business at an extremely affordable price then your wait is over thanks to the efforts of Celebrity Yoga Instructor Kristin Mcgee and technology focused fitness website EMG Live Fitness.

Kristin also known as the Queen Yogini of the West has appeared on CNN, FOX, the CBS Morning Show and ABC’s Good Morning America. Apart from her clientele of Hollywood stars she has also contributed to magazines such as Pilates Style, Fit Yoga, Health, Shape, Women’s Health, Body & Soul, and Prevention. With her current initiative yoga enthusiasts from around the world can practice yoga in real time with Kristin via the EMG Website. We caught up with her to learn more about this as well as some general chit chat on Hollywood and Bollywood.

GlobalMasala (GM): Last we spoke to you as part of an Interview with DelhiPlanet (read here) you told us that you had “ordered 4 dvds from Hemalaaya all on Bollywood Dance“. How was your experience with that?

Kristin: It was great. I really like Hemalaaya and her routines and it’s a nice alternative to yoga.

GM: Lets talk about your latest initiative with EMG Live Fitness which involves Live Streaming of your classes broad-casted via the Internet. It seems like a great concept and you are one of the pioneers adopting this technology in your field. How did it come about and what was your first reaction to it?

Kristin: I was approached by Joyce Wells the founder of EMG Live Fitness. She asked me if I would try this out with her and I was thrilled. I have so many routines and ideas in my mind constantly. I can’t spend millions of dollars producing DVDs as often as I would like to, so this is perfect!

A Streaming Yoga Class in Action

GM: What has the response and feedback to these Live Classes been like? How are they different from your normal classes? Does it impact your teaching in anyway and do you think such a concept is here to stay?

Kristin: I think the response has been wonderful so far. The live stream aren’t much different then my normal classes although I may give more hands on adjustments in class and less demonstrating. It will impact my teaching in that now I can hear from people immediately after every class with their honest feedback. I definitely hope the concept is here to stay.

GM: You are also very popular for your Workout DVD’s (see here) and after a long break you have featured in a couple of new Yoga and Pilates DVD’s including a unique workout called Yoga Tone. Please tell our readers about these and their benefits

Kristin: I created Yoga Tone as a compliment to my yoga flow style. In yoga we do many pressing type exercises and eccentric movements. I find there needs to be some balance with the concentric strengthening and pulling type movements. Yoga Tone is a circuit of holding and moving through yoga poses while lifting hand weights. It’s great for burning calories, sculpting muscles, and using muscle groups that we don’t target as often in yoga. In addition to yoga, I’ve always practiced and taught Pilates as well. My Weight Loss Pilates is great for Yogis who want some core and cardio as well.

GM: Who are your favorite actors? Any recent movies that you have seen and enjoyed?

Kristin: I love Tina Fey (Kristin also guest starred in two episodes of 30 Rock). She is one of my favorites. I thought Date Night was hilarious. I loved the Notebook and I think Rachel McAdams is fabulous and beautiful. I also of course love Steve Martin and everything he’s ever done.

No matter where you live it’ll probably be very hard to find an instructor as good and as accomplished as Kristin Mcgee. So ahead and try out her live classes on EMG Live Fitness. Checkout a preview of one of her sessions below

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