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Smallville Finale: From Farmboy to Superman in 30 minutes

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If it weren’t for differences in time zones and my hectic schedule as a reporter at DelhiPlanet Media (the real world Daily Planet) this piece would have been out much sooner. Over the past 10 years its been a fascinating experience for me to follow the story of Superman from his Clark Kent days through the TV show Smallville aired by the WB Channel and the CW Channel. I remember tuning into the show with rapt attention and extreme fascination when it launched in 2001. This was a novel concept that hadn’t been explored before and was bound to attract the curiosities of millions of fans of a timeless icon of pop culture.

The series started off on a brilliant note with engaging story lines that showcased a previously unknown side of Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor and the rest of the main characters. It wasn’t only a great show but also had many important lessons for all of us. Its easy to aspire to be a superhero and want superpowers but as regular viewers of the show would know, its not easy being SUPER specially if you are from another world and civilization. After about five seasons of the show, the interest in the concept began to wane as Clark had already discovered most of his abilities (except for flight) and the episodes lacked any relevance to one another and seemed forced. Nevertheless loyal fans continued to watch hoping to see some developments in the plot.

While there were a few good episodes here and there like the one with Clark and The Flash, or the one with the Justice League, the show didn’t seem to move forward much as the seasons progressed and new story lines and characters were introduced that were hard to digest or understand.

All of these notions through were dispelled when it came to watching the biggest episode of them all, the Smallville Finale. Myself and millions of fans across the world tuned in with bated breath and an air of anxiety to watch the last episode of a show they grew up watching.

Fan Reactions on Smallville Finale

Most people believe in the saying that “all’s well that end well”. In that respect the Smallville Finale didn’t disappoint. It had a good mix of flash backs at the beginning and at the end and the final 20 minutes were essentially the highlight of all the ten seasons. Eventually, when Clark finally put on the suit and rocketed into the air, it brought an amazing sense of joy. The journey was complete. The final scene was great to see as it recreated the same setting that Clark had seen when he went into the future in episode four of Season 10 (see here).

In the end Smallville was a great series that probably could have ended before 10 seasons and maintained good ratings throughout but nevertheless it will definitely go down as the one of the finest Superhero shows on Television.

The End of Smallville

This review would not be complete without a final look at the best moments of the show. The video below is essentially the summary of Smallville with the final few seconds ending with what all of us were itching to see for a long time.