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Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan, IPL and Predictions

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What drives Indians? How would you describe Indianness to an alien in four characters? The answer is really simple A(Astrology), B(Bollywood), C(Cricket) and D(Deals).

The current season however belongs to cricket and with the ICC Cricket World cup well underway and approaching the elimination stage, the action has only just begun.

The end of the World Cup will be followed by the fourth season of the Indian Premier League starting just a week after the world cup on April 8. The IPL has emerged to be the ultimate Indian party as it brings together cricket, bollywood and entertainment. Many of the IPL teams are owned by Bollywood stars who happen to be good friends with the cricketers. Given the great excitement around the sport an incident from the first edition of the IPL held in 2008 is worth mentioning. The great actor Aamir Khan had the opportunity to watch the IPL final sitting next to Tendulkar and was left amazed by his judgement and instinct.

“The match last night was certainly exciting but what made it a unique experience for me was that I had Sachin next to me. You will find this hard to believe but Sachin was able to predict every ball before it was bowled.“He is going to bowl a bouncer next”, “This one is going to be a slower one”, “Full tilt outside the off stump”, “Next one will be a yorker”, “Short of length”. It was uncanny. HE GOT IT RIGHT EACH TIME!!! No wonder its so difficult to bowl to him. He has an amazing instinct

said Aamir on his blog later. If one feels so much thrill and excitement just watching Tendulkar in action, its probably hard to imagnie what it would feel like to watch a game with him sitting next to you.

Catch a video of Tendulkar sharing his thoughts about the IPL and some more details on this on DelhiPlanet.